Our Christian Belief

Study to show thyself approved unto God... (2 Tim 2.15)

It is our belief that each and every child is a child of God who should be prepared to live and excel in our diverse and complicated community and world. Our expectation is that the children in the Mt. Zion Christian Academy will learn to negotiate their personal lives and commit to practicing the awesome teachings of Jesus Christ. Towards this end, we dedicate ourselves to maintaining a qualified, degreed, experienced, and dedicated teaching staff. We will strive for constant curriculum development and improvement through teacher preparation and ongoing study, in-service training, and measurable educational goals and objectives developed for every child. We also commit to giving each child individual attention by controlling class size. With equal importance, the Academy desires to work closely with parents so that the children’s education and advancement will be comprehensive, effective, and to the glory of God. (Matt. 28:18-20).

In keeping with our belief, we emphasize Christian education through the Bible being read and taught on a daily basis in the classroom. In addition to other educational methodologies, we use Bible memorization as a vital tool for teaching and learning.

We believe the Scripture gives the true view of education as follows:
Teacher directed classroom Deut. 6:7
Knowledge through study II Tim. 2:15
Researching John 6:39
Reasoning Acts 24:25
Relating Luke 29:27
Recording III John 12

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