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We are thankful to be able to provide our students an opportunity to work in a garden. Thanks to Bon Se Cours, Whole Kids, and Amerigroup and  the tireless efforts of Carol Smith, Executive Director of Local Food Park, Inc. – The Local Food Project and her staff, Mt. Zion Christian Academy students are learning valuable lifelong lessons that will change their perspective about the environment and the gifts that mother nature provides.

There are so many benefits to having a garden at our school. For one, the students can work cooperatively and take pride in seeing, firsthand, the “fruits of their labor”. They are learning to take responsibility for the labor needed to keep the garden producing – watering, weeding, hoeing, planting, and harvesting.

Caring for a garden touches across the curriculum as well. Lessons in science (plants, insects, weather, etc.), social and interpersonal skills (working together, conversing, patience, admiration, and sharing), math (measuring, addition,subtraction, multiplication,and accounting), social studies (learning how other cultures grow food, what they eat and where our food comes from), and language arts and reading are all incorporated in the gardening experience.

Gardening gives our students a chance to learn outside of the classroom and to learn about healthy eating. It allows them to work in a non-threatening environment where they can feel free to create and be creative. We give the students an opportunity to cook some of the produce as well through culinary classes with Ms. Wanda Stuart of Wanda’s Journey Kids Culinary.


Along with our gardening project, financial entrepreneurship classes and STEM classes are included. Visitor’s from the business and engineering communities are scheduled to talk with the students throughout the school year. Students learn to write checks, sell,and market their produce.

Through our garden, from digging and watering to marketing, we know that our students are learning to appreciate nature and the environment in which they live. There is so much to discover through these hands-on active learning experiences, and we value the opportunity to further our students’ lifelong learning and education.