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Board Members/Friends of Mt. Zion

Mt. Zion Christian Academy is blessed to have a strong, supportive group of leaders who care deeply about the plight of the school and the community. They are committed to improving the quality of education at MZCA. The board believes in the vision and mission of MZCA and serves as the governing group to oversee fundraising, projects, and overall improvements at the school.

Board of Directors

Pastor Louis Murphy, Sr.
Sharron Williams, Ph.D., Interim Chair
Zala Highsmith-Taylor, Ed.D.
Foster Lovett, CPA
Deacon William Fitts
Franca Sheehy

Friends of Mt. Zion Christian Academy (FMZCA)

The Friends of Mt. Zion Christian Academy is a group that meets approximately three (3) times a year to assist the administration of the school in development and fund raising. They plan a yearly fund raising project (grant writing, support through contact, innovations, and campaigns) that will focus on the growth of the school. We are grateful for the help and dedication of our friends.

Imam Askia Muhammad Aquil, Chair
Lori Taylor, M.D.
Joyce Thornton
Ronald Sheehy, Ph.D.
Danielle Flynn
Janice Ayer Jackson
Ya LaFord, J.D.
Cynthia Jolliff-Johnson, Ed.D.
Gina Elliott
Nathalia Jeffrey-Fort, D.D.S.
Ann Sherman-White
Jennifer L. Harper, M.D.
Maxine Roach, Hon. D. A.